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Sailor Shoes for Halloween Costume

Are you looking for sailor shoes for a Halloween costume? We have just the high heel shoes you need to make that already hot sailor halloween costume a little hotter. We have these shoes in red, navy, and black. Halloween is the one night of the year where we can pretend to be somebody else and no one will judge you for it. Certainly one of the best days of the year. We are going to be running some serious discounts on these shoes up until Halloween. We can ship very quickly and get your shoes to you before the big date. If you are going to go as a sailor or go with any sort of nautical theme these shoes are a must have and will also be able to be worn in the summer too. They go great with a large number of outfits and are very versatile.

Anchor Heel -SS Navy Anchor
We will be adding more pictures of these shoes over the next few days so you can get a better idea of what they look like. They are comfortable, easy to walk in and well priced. Order now before they are gone.

Stripper Shoes Halloween Costume

Are you looking for the perfect stripper shoes for your Halloween Costume? Kitty Paws Shoes has the high heels shoes you need for your Halloween costume. We know every year around this time people really start to think about what they want to dress up as for Halloween. That is why we have started stocking up on shoes that will help people with their Halloween costumes. There is no better day of the year than Halloween. The one day of the year you can pretend to be someone else and it is okay with everyone else. There is something truly magical about Halloween and we want to help you make it a more magical experience.

There is nothing better than going out on the town Halloween night and owning your outfit. You are wearing a cute costume to turn heads and we can most certainly help you do just that. Kitty Paws Shoes has stripper shoes for your Halloween costume at a wide range of prices that can fit almost anyone’s budget. We have “stripper shoes” in almost any color and design you can imagine. We always recommend buying high heels you can wear more than once. So many of us women buy high heels that we only wear for Halloween but never wear them again. We are sure you can find something on our website that you can wear almost any time of year whether it on one of the best days of the year or not.

Stripper Shoes For My Halloween Costume

Stripper Shoes for my Halloween Costume

Many people do not have a shoe store that sells stripper shoes that they might buy for their Halloween costume. Therefore they are left with no other option than to go online to find the right shoes for their Halloween costume. It is important that you understand that Halloween is one of the busiest times of the year for online shoe companies so if you want your shoes by Halloween you should order a couple of weeks in advance to be certain that the pair you would like to have can arrive in time for the big day. Many online shoe companies will sell out of their initial inventory and have to order from their distributors to fulfill orders. There are times when we have to reorder from one of our distributors to fulfill orders on popular shoes. When this is the case we will ship from our distributor to our customers direct to expedite the process. Our customers are our number one priority. We hope that you will look at our selection of stripper shoes for your Halloween costume.

Order your Halloween stripper shoes now!

Stripper Shoes San Antonio

Money Print High Heels

Money Print High Heels

Having trouble finding decent stripper shoes San Antonio exotic dancers? Kitty Paws Shoes is just a click away. No we are not located in San Antonio but how many good shoe stores that have stripper shoes are located in San Antonio, not many. Plus if you go to local shoe stores they have a limited selection and you will end up getting the same shoes as at least one of the other dancers in your same club. You want to stand out from the other girls, you want to get the most attention so you are able to take home more cash at the end of the night. We want to help you stand apart from the other dancers in your club. As we grow we know more and more exotic dancers will begin shopping at our online store so we are always adding to our inventory so we can keep things fresh. We have those “I am off work and want to wear a heel but nothing too over the top” kind of heels. Kitty Paws Shoes also has those “I am going to turn heads, stop traffic, and drop jaws” kind of heels. San Antonio has 16 strip clubs just within the city limits which means there have to be a lot of dancers and one of the most important things that you can do to stand out from the other hundreds of dancers is wear eye-catching high heels.

Black Quilted Bootie You work hard so you should treat yourself to something that you will love and something that will also help you make money at the same time. There is nothing better than putting on a new pair of shoes and falling in love with them. Well there is one thing that is better and that is putting on a new pair of shoes and they help you make more money. You should not have to settle for less when you can have some of the best. We are a female owned shoe company so we know what to look for when purchasing high heels. We also have taken into consideration that not everyone will want to spend a lot of money on high heels. We have been able to find a wide range of quality high heels. Each pair of shoes has a price that is fair and honest for the shoe. There are a few brands of high end stripper shoes that almost any reputable exotic dancer shoe company will also carry. We still hand pick the ones that we want to carry on our online store and are able to beat other shoe companies prices. We are a small company that does what it takes to undercut our major competitors. We do not spend large amounts on advertising and are an owner operated company. We do all of the work ourselves not because we have to but because we want to do it. Our company has strict quality control protocol so we can ensure all of our shoes meet our standards. The owners also: shop for the shoes, order the shoes, test the shoes, ship the shoes, do inventory of shoes, customer service & more. When you speak with someone with our company whether it be via email or on the phone you can rest assure that you are speaking with an owner of the company. Kitty Paws Shoes takes great pride in our level of service we provide our customers. If we do not have a shoe you want, we will help you find the shoes you want. We are able to make custom shoes as well but when you order custom shoes it can take a little bit longer for us to make them because we actually start the production process right when you order the shoes. Many of the shoes on our site (especially the platforms can be customized. If you want customization, the best thing you can do is call us and we will be happy to discuss your customization options.

Kitty Paws Shoes is slowly but surely making it’s way to clubs around Texas to shoe dancers what it is we have to offer. We have already been to many of the clubs in Dallas – Fort Worth area and are slowly expanding outward. We know that a lot of ladies want to see what our shoes look like and try them on as well. Kitty Paws Shoes also knows that you may just want to make a cash purchase and so we are bringing the shoes to you. We are not going to all of the clubs when we visit each city we are just hand-picking a few clubs in each city. If you see something you like on our site, don’t wait for us to come to you. Odds are we may not still have those same shoes available by the time we get to you. Certain styles on our site do sell out quickly so do not delay. We hope you will take the time to look around our site and see what it is that we have to offer. If you have any questions, you can call or email us any time. We look forward to making you another satisfied Kitty Paws Shoes customer. Thanks for reading San Antonio!

Stripper Shoes El Paso

Looking for stripper shoes El Paso exotic dancers? Finding stripper shoes in any city can be hard to do. Finding shoes that every other lady in El Paso does not have is just as hard. Kitty Paws Shoes is a female owned shoe company that is focused on staying unique and saving women money on their high heels. We wear high heels almost every single day so we know what high heels are comfortable and which ones are not. There are some brands of high heels that are carried by almost anyone who sell exotic dancer shoes. Kitty Paws Shoes carries some of those same brands but we hand pick which ones we put on our site. We also intentionally keep our prices lower than Black Quilted Bootieour online competitors. If you love a pair of of high heels and want to buy them you are probably going to look around online for a better price on them. We want to be able to save you money on those shoes you want. If you are already going to buy those shoes, we figure you might as well buy them from our company and at a better price. Kitty Paws Shoes is a new company that is focused on customer care. We will always go the extra mile for our customers. If there is something you love on our site and it is not in stock just let us know and we can let you know as soon as we get it back in stock. Kitty Paws Shoes is building a company that is unlike any other. We are slowly creating more options for people to customize their own high heels. We cannot say too much about what we are planning on rolling out in 2016 but we will have a lot of customization options on high heels that do not exist on any other high heel shoe site. Right now some of the platforms are able to be chosen, specifically on Karo shoes. If you like one platform on a high heel but not another, we can have our distributor customize that high heel and put the platform you like on the shoe you like. It can take longer for customized high heels to be shipped because they are actually made specifically for the person who has purchased the shoes and they are not already ion stock. If you are looking for stripper shoes El Paso does have a few places to buy them but because we do not have a storefront, we do not have all of the high overhead costs that come with operating a storefront. Therefore we are able to offer better prices on our shoes which is what we feel is very important.

While we try to find some very unique and off-the-wall high heel shoes, we also like having a little something for everyone on our website. If you are looking for that “go to” high heel, we’ve got it. If you are looking for that one of a kind shoe that nobody else has, yeah, we’ve got that too! Shop our site, give us your feedback. Click here to go to the main page our website.

Stripper Shoes Corpus Christi

Looking for Stripper Shoes Corpus Christi ladies? Kitty Paws Shoes is your online destination for desirable stripper shoes. We are not your run-of-the-mill online shoe store. We thrive on the unique, daring, and bold. When you wear stripper shoes from Kitty Paws Shoes we want people to say things like “Oh my goodness” and “where did you get those?” Sure you can find “stripper shoes in Corpus Christi” but they will probably be the same shoes that all of the other dancers have too. If you want to stand out from the other dancers and wear something that will keep peoples attention come look at Kitty Paws Shoes selection. If you want to stop reading and shop now you can click here.

Kitty Paws Shoes is quickly becoming a trusted name in the stripper high heel industry. Our prices are far lower than our competitors and we are a very hands on style company. We are visiting clubs throughout all of Texas to show women our selection of high heels and to meet dancers. We know our customers are the most important aspect of our business so we treat each and every one of you with the level of care you deserve. We understand that just because you make good money does not mean you want to spend a lot on shoes. That is why we keep our costs low and are an owner operated shoe company. We just want to be able to give women the shoes they want at a price they can afford while still making enough money to maintain ourselves and our operation. We truly love shoes and love what we do so we are going to make sure we are able to grow our company with you in mind. If you are ever looking for a shoe and can’t find it on our site or another site, we have a vast number of distributors and manufacturers that we can contact to find those “must have” shoes. If you like the bottom of one shoe on our site but the top of another , don’t worry some of our shoes are able to be customized. We can place a special order of customized heels for you. If you are looking to have custom high heels made you can call us directly to discuss these matters. We are actually working towards customizing shoes in the near future so no two pairs of shoes will ever leave our hands looking the same. We are designing our own custom shoes and we will be rolling out more customizing shoe options in 2016. If you are ready to shop you can go to the shop now selection at the top. If you have any more questions about Kitty Paws Shoes you can call us or email us anytime. We hope to hear from you and thank you for the opportunity you have given us to let us take care of your precious paws.

Stripper Shoes Beaumont

Looking for stripper shoes Beaumont dancers? There are not that many clubs in Beaumont there are even fewer places to buy stripper shoes. The only option you are really let with if you are a stripper in Beaumont and need high heels is to travel a long distance to find them, wear the same tired shoes as everyone else can find at your local chain shoe stores, or look online to find stripper shoes. Even looking for stripper shoes online can take a long time and you don’t know where to begin. Everyone seems to have the same stuff so it leads you to price shop between all of the online stripper shoe stores. Kitty Paws Shoes does its very best to carry unique shoes that you will not be able to find anywhere else. There are some brands that we carry that everyone else does too and when that is the case we know that our prices are going to be lower than all the other online shoe companies that carry some of the same brands. We shop other carriers of those specific brands to make sure that we are keeping our prices lower than our competitors. We try to carry a different selection than all of the other companies but some brands do have high quality stripper shoes that we want to make sure that we carry. We are the type of company that understands our customers are just as important as the shoes we carry so we always go above and beyond for our customers. If you are looking for stripper shoes and you are in the Beaumont area you can order directly from our site and we will ship your shoes direct to you. We hope to see you on our site shopping soon. You can click here to go to the homepage of our site.

Black Quilted Bootie

Stripper Shoes Austin

Looking for stripper shoes Austin exotic dancers? Kitty Paws Shoes is the best place to go online to look for stripper shoes. Kitty Paws Shoes is the best little secret in the exotic dancer shoe industry. There are plenty of places in Austin to find stripper shoes but none of them have prices as low as Kitty Paws Shoes. We still manage to keep unique shoes coming in that are comfortable to wear, high quality and at a great price. We are always ordering test pairs of high heels from different distributors, manufacturers, and shoe companies to see if their shoes meet our standards. Attaining unique high heels is only second to make sure each shoe is of good quality for the price. Kitty Paws Shoes has a wide selection of shoes and prices to suit anyone’s budget or taste. There are some shoes that we carry that are less exclusive to just our online store. Many high heel shoe companies carry the Karos brand of shoes like we do, but their prices are not as low as ours. We have price checked our competitors prices on the same Karos shoes that we carry and we always have lower prices. Karos makes quality shoes, while we want to stay unique we also have to cater to our customers and what they like. If you have ever worn Karos, you already know they are a great shoe, and that is why we carry them. Our overhead costs are much lower than any other shoe company. We have made strategic deals with wholesalers, distributors, importers, marketing agencies so we do not have to waste money and can charge our customers less on shoes.

As a dancer you know it is all about attracting their attention and keeping it. We want to help you keep their attention. We are a female owned shoe company so we actually wear the shoes that we have on our site. We have also had experience working in the clubs so we know your industry and how big of a role your high heels can play in how much money you take home at the end of the night. Kitty Paws Shoes wants to help you make as much money as you can by helping you keep head turning high heels on your paws.

Kitty Paws Shoes is starting to visit clubs throughout Texas and do trunk shows so dancers can see some of our shoes and try them on to see for yourself why Kitty Paws Shoes is becoming so popular in clubs all around Texas. We are currently visiting clubs in Dallas, Fort Worth but will soon be moving on to Houston and then Austin. We will be keeping all of our readers and followers posted on when we will be visiting Austin. So remember when you are looking for stripper shoes in Austin there is no better place to find top of the line stripper shoes than on Kitty Paws Shoes. If you want to look at our selection all you have to do is click on the shop button on the top and click the type of shoes you are looking at viewing. We are always changing our line up of shoes so if you do not see something that catches your eye right now, just check back soon and you are certain to see something new that may appeal to you. Thanks for reading. Keep your heels and your chin high.

Stripper Shoes Amarillo

Looking for stripper shoes Amarillo dancers? Kitty Paws Shoes is a Texas based company that carries a wide variety of shoes including exotic dancer shoes. There are not many places in Amarillo to buy stripper shoes but there are clubs so the only option is to go online and shop for them. Most online stripper shoe companies sell their shoes at a very high price that almost makes it not worth it to buy them, but you need to have the shoes. Kitty Paws Shoes has the selection you need at the prices you want. Our suggestion is to buy the shoes you like when you see them on our site because we do have a limited number of sizes in each style right now. We do our best to restock shoes that are almost out of stock but with our rapid growth it can be difficult to keep some shoe in stock.

We know what you like. We are a female owned shoe company, we know what you like and what to buy and not to buy. Let’s face it, high heels are not comfortable, but we do our best to find high heels that are as comfortable as possible while still staying true to our unique and eclectic taste. There are a lot of high heel shoes companies out there, what really sets us apart is our desire to stay true to unique taste in shoes. There is nothing better than buying a new pair of shoes because you love the way they look and then trying them on to find, you love the way they feel too. We love shoes too and have our closets filled with the same shoes that you can find on our site everyday. We don’t just sell the shoes that are on our site, we wear them, live in them, and yes even work in them. We hope if you are looking for stripper shoes and you are in Amarillo that you have an opportunity to browse our site before buying your next pair of shoes. We hope to see you soon in Kitty Paws Shoes online store.

Stripper Shoes Abilene

Where Can I find stripper shoes in Abilene? This is what we find many dancers in the greater Abilene area have come to ask themselves. There are not many shoe stores in Abilene and there are certainly no shoe stores that have great stripper shoes. The only option for Abilene dancers is to go online and try to dig through sites to find stripper heels. If you want to shop shoes on our site you can just click on the homepage tab or you can also continue to read this article about Stripper Shoes Abilene dancers

Spending time online looking for the right shoes can be time consuming and a real pain. Even if you find decent shoes, most of them are absurdly expensive. There are two main manufacturers of stripper shoes within the US. We carry one of the two main manufacturers of stripper shoes in the US. We do not carry one of the main manufacturers because their styles are very dated and not very high quality. When we have compared prices with other sites that buy from the same manufacturers our prices are always equal to or cheaper than other sites. We also purchase stripper shoes independently as long as the shoes meet our quality and an appropriate price point. We had to work very hard to find shoes that we could price at a very low price point on our site. You will see two types of shoes on our site for strippers. The higher priced shoes that are through our US manufacturers and the ones we have been able to find and or import that are at very low prices. We are working to get more low priced shoes in our online store that we have sought out and purchased. Over time a vast majority of the shoes that we carry will be ones that we have personally procured and the prices will be very very low. Our goal is to make sure we are always able to provide a unique selection of ever-changing stripper shoes to dancers at an affordable price. We want to make the shoe shopping experience for dancers an easier one. If there is a type of shoe you are interested in but you do not see it on our site, just call us or email us. The odds are we can find them for you and give you a better price. If you made it this far into this article we want to thank you for reading and hope to hear from you soon. Abilene dancers new best friend in the online shoe world Kitty Paws Shoes.

Black Quilted Bootie

Stripper Shoes Arlington

Looking for stripper shoes Arlington dancers? There are not a lot of places in the greater Arlington Texas area to get decent stripper shoes that is unless you want to drive all over of the greater Dallas-Fort Worth area. Then when you get to a place to buy stripper shoes the quality is not up to par and the prices are far above what they should be. We at Kitty Paws Shoes believe that it should be easier to find somewhat decent and comfortable shoes for dancers.

We have decided to try to make it easier for dancers and Arlington to get stripper high heels. Not only can you order directly from our site, we will even be willing to bring the shoes directly to you. Our company is going to start coming to clubs in the greater Arlington area to show the dancers some of our shoes. We are even dropping off booklets at some clubs so you can look at some of our selections when it is convenient for you. If you see shoes you like on her website but do not want to order online we will always be willing to accept cash. If we do not have the shoes in stock we will order them and bring them to you when they arrive at our location. While we pride ourselves in our unique shoes that we carry, some other shoe stores may carry a few of the same pairs of shoes. However, you will not be a able to find those same shoes at a better price than we can offer because we have such overhead costs. We do not have a storefront where we have to pay absorbent monthly fees to lease the space. We also do not have employees, we are owner operated company that is focused on providing quality shoes at a low cost to our customers. So the next time you are looking to buy stripper shoes Arlington dancers think of Kitty Paws Shoes first and foremost. Kitty Paws Shoes will take care of your precious paws. Call us to order direct or you can shop directly on our site and order online.