Kitty Paws is an online shoe store that carries a unique and eclectic selection of vivacious shoes that you are unlikely to find anywhere else. If you are able to find the same pair of shoes on another site they will not be able to match our prices. Almost all of our high heels on our site are three inches and taller. Feel free to browse our selection of shoes on our site or you can keep reading to find out more about out more about our company.

Kitty Paws is a female owned shoe company. We decided to start our company when we kept noticing that we were unable to find unique high heels that were also comfortable to wear. Since then, we’ve made it our goal to find comfortable high heels that were stylish as well as affordable. We personally inspect every shoe that comes in to the Kitty Paws store to make sure they meet our high level of standards.

Kitty Paws is always looking for new shoes and will be changing the shoes on our site frequently. We work closely with multiple distributors to ensure we are staying with the trends and keeping our prices low. Please take the time to look at our selection of shoes on our site and do not hesitate to ask us any questions you may have.

Thank you for visiting our site and shopping with Kitty Paws.